Thursday, September 10, 2009

Retro-Post: "Re: Why do adults play The Sims?"

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Playing The Sims is kind of like looking at life's big picture at a distance.

The game is like a virtual representation of our own lives. Even if our Sims are very different from ourselves, we project ourselves onto them unconsciously. They sometimes take on our own habits: indulging in a hobby until the sun comes up, going through the next day's responsibilities on an hour of sleep, neglecting our loved ones in favor of self-improvement or our careers, or neglecting those goals in favor of our loved ones and pleasures.

In real life, there has to be a balance to all these things: sleep, work, family/friends, and self. In the game, it's easier to see the balance and maintain it. Looking at life in fastforward, you see how much time a Sim wastes versus how much time they could be spending on the things in life that actually matter. A lot of us have a hard time seeing that in our own lives.

I have an adult Sim who has fulfilled all of his life's goals and maxed out all of his skills. I was bored of him and thought about killing him off, until I realized his new role now is to be a support figure to his family and friends who are still trying. I'm sure that happens in real life as well; at some point, we become comfortable enough to give up our narcissism and live for others.

I have another Sim who died of old age before he ever fulfilled his dreams; he was so caught up trying to make ends meet in a job he didn't even like, that he never found time to focus on himself. That's just sad, but very telling.

Anyway, I guess my point is that I love The Sims because of all of the philosophy and insight you can pull from it just by watching these little people live their lives. It is one of the most intelligent games ever made.

I also like making attractive people WooHoo!!!

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  1. Sometimes seeing how carefully we construct a sims daily activities can make us wonder wtf we're doing in our real lives. How ironic to sit in your pjs all day creating an exciting fulfilling life for our sims.....