Snob Baby

"The Adventures of Snob Baby!!" #1

"The Adventures of Snob Baby!!" #2

"The Adventures of Snob Baby!!" #3

Originally posted November 8, 2009.

* * *

Bonus: "Future Snob Baby" #1

Originally posted November 9, 2009.


  1. Read all except vampires. Many a smile and chuckle. Love your Blog!

    Kids, YA, and Adults have opportunity to eloquently express themselves; but Snob Baby uses her eyes, a sneer, and a few knife edged words to surpass all contenders.

    I love the toddler Snob Baby comics!!! I believe you could become as famous with her dry wit as the creators of Charlie Brown, Garfield, and others who shared humor through sarcasm and pathos.

    The title is yours, but I guess you'd have to draw a new character whose face is not EA owned; Snob Baby is great for syndication. You've got a winner! We can all say we knew you when.

    More toddler Snob Baby please!!!

  2. This is really funny - Great idea too! I'll be following :)