Back Story: Dustin Langerak recently wronged my Sim's daughter Tasha, and now her zany parents want him to suffer.

Extended, Melodramatic Back Story: Recently in my game, Dustin Langerak cheated on his wife with my Sim's newly legal daughter, Tasha Anderson. Then, he got kicked out of his house and tried to move in with Tasha, who instead broke up with him in the doorway when she found out he was married. Dustin became violently displeased and there was an intense moment where he physically attacked her.

After that night, I felt a strangely human responsibility to my Sim. I wanted her to not just pretend that night didn't happen, and I wanted to make sure Dustin didn't just live out his days like any other Sim. So I had Tasha write a news article exposing Dustin as a wife beater, then used a cheat to set all of his relationships to negative (justified as a result of the article).

...and then I sent Tasha's insane parents to beat him down in broad daylight. This comic strip is composed of the resulting screenshots.

Originally posted October 12, 2009.


  1. outstanding work! I was doing comics using Poser and Vue 6 Infinite before, which, yes, yielded very good graphic results, but it was SO time consuming it was apalling.. i recently realized i could instead use the Sims 3 to tell my stories, but hadn't found any good samples of what i was aiming for until i found your blogspot.. is there any way to contact you? didnt find any on this site... if you could share some of your knowledge, it would be much appreciated... i mostly wanna know how to control a Sims specific emotions for a panel, how to make them open their mouths if i want to portray them talking, etc... i see you greatly enhanced the look of the backgrounds, probably by using layers in Photoshop? again, i'd really appreciate any advice on your part... thanks a bunch in advance and congratulations on an amazing job again!

  2. I've been meaning to get to this site and read everything. Just such great work.